Our Footprint

With the footprint it is possible to measure our greenhouse gas emissions in tons per year. We use this tool to measure the ecological progress that has been made from 2016 until now in 2050.

Back in 2016 the organization „MyClimate“ offered a tool on their website where individuals could measure their footprint. Usually people back then had Co2 Emissions from 9 tons per annum which is a really high rate. This was due to flying around, eating meat from a mass and overseas production and not domestic production, not energy efficient heating, other unecological means of transport  and of course also because people back then were not sensibilized  about the subject. People were showering and taking bath for longer than 5 minutes which today for us is not imaginable. People today know exactly what it means to waste water and its consequences.

Today we measure our footprint as well and it has decreased significantly. Since we have electric cars as well as electric airplanes with completely new technologies we do not emit any Co2 while commuting and traveling. Furthermore, even though we eat meat, we learnt to raise our own cattle and produce our own meat and milk products which shrinks the ecological impact drastically. Our House is shared with many other people which saves a lot of energy, new heating systems in the house allow us to only heat small parts of it and this heat is then efficiently transported and spread all over the house without wasting a lot of gas. Today in 2050 in the generation house the annual footprint per person is around 3 tons per annum which is a great number however we are still convinced that this number can be further pushed down by inventing new technologies and give planet earth more respect.


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