Our Social Well-Being



Living in such a large but close community as we do requires not only respect and responsibility towards one another but also a clear structure which facilitates the communication and organisation. Our value “responsible freedom” stands for the balance of our personal freedom and integration in the community. Every community member has certain tasks, he or she has to fulfil. Every member of our community has to sacrifice one day every week to community work, be this parents, grandparents or children. People who have a fulltime job outside the generation house are only allowed to work 4 days a week because one day they have to work in the community. The organisational chart below shows the different fields of work and who has to perform in them.

organisatiional chart.png

organisational chart legend.png


The children go in public schools for their education. However, the community organises workshops and courses which children and also adults have to attend. These courses concern topic which are important for the five areas of the community model such as insights into different cultures and customs, a ecologically sustainable way of living etc. the courses are organised and created by the community members working for the department “Sharing”.

Mutual Support and Crossgenerational Interactions

The caring department is responsible for those community members who are in need of physical care, be this old or young. Children up to five years old stay there during the day when their parents are at work, and old people who might need support for their daily life as well. In our community, it is important that everybody receives the support he or she needs but is empowered to be active in the community in with whatever ability she or he still or already has. Moreover, we want to strengthen the community by providing a platform for different age groups to interact and learn to appreciate one another.


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